The Final Quote

We all have creativity. We’re born with it. The secret to unlocking it is easy. You ready for a couple of secrets?

Buy a composition notebook. Write a title on the front. Call it, My Ugliest Writing. Buy a cheap pen or use a pencil that has teeth marks on it. Write on! You will be surprised at what happens. It works because you have told the mind that you don’t care what goes on the pages. It is amazing. Saw that on Twitter regarding art and tried it for writing.

Next one is to buy another notebook. Write out anything about the senses that comes to your mind. EXP. Smell, touch, and sight.

purple plumes feather to the ground

a scented potpourri

puffs a sachet breeze

You see the feathery blossoms, smell the aroma and feel the breeze. Did you know that smell is the least used sense in writing? Write these in the notebook. Divide the notebook by senses.


And don’t forget about the sixth sense, emotions.

The final quote comes from Kids Are Writers Too.

“I want you to play, with words. 🙂 When you do that one thing, you’ll start thinking creatively without even realizing it. Give yourself time. Creativity is smitten with solitude. Nurture it.”

© Robyn Campbell. All rights reserved