Kids Are Writers Too!

Play. With words. 🙂 When you do that one thing, you’ll start thinking creatively without even realizing it.

Start AND maintain lists of favorite vivid/evocative words. You should be creative and continue to add to the lists.

And about the lists. It’s much better if they are handwritten. Pen to paper activates deeper parts of our imaginations. Try writing with the least dominant hand. Use colorful ink. Doodling on your word lists.

List One: Maybe you just like the sound of a word or the look. (I love the words rutabaga and kookaburra, for example. I love the way they move in my mouth and the way they sound. Or perhaps you love the image the word invokes. And PLEASE, make words up (those are my favorites). Some of my made-up words are rumblat and fizzlemeribbet. Pay attention to their rhythms, cadence, sounds, shapes, and how they make you feel as much (or more) as their definition, meaning.

List Two: Make a list of strong, active verbs. But go even further. Six more lists separated by the five senses. You will become more observant, more thoughtful.

List on sight…practice and exercise your eyes (and other senses): when you look at something, what do you really see? Look at, say an orange or a bowl, or a chair, or a person. Take 15 minutes and describe it visually in a list. Go deeper. Compare it to other things. Be original, play with it. Is it a pink sky? Nah. Perhaps it is a cotton candy sky or a flamingo sky or a mango sky or a Pepto Bismal sky or a strawberry milkshake sky.

Word List: Sound Imagery Words/Onomatopoeia…what is the sound of (fill in the blank)…? Make lists. Made up words are especially useful here. PLAY!

Make more Word Lists for: Taste



Add a 6th sense list too…and as you get older, you can create lists based on the worlds you create in the stories you write.

Kids, create a creative space. Make it special. Your own space. With images taped to the walls. And music.

Take your time. Creativity is smitten with solitude. Nurture your creativity. Write each week BY HAND. And play. With words!

© Robyn Campbell. All rights reserved