Who Is Robyn Anyway?

Robyn and Frodo

Frodo is going to be famous. I am writing a picture book about him. He is my writing partner. And he thinks he’s a human so never mention that he’s a (you-know-what).

I am from Key Largo Florida. Grew up there and stayed there until I moved to NC. What a difference. I live on a farm and homeschool.

I love writing. You can be anyone you choose and go anywhere you want to even worlds unknown.


How I started writing

One day our cat Blue climbed a 50-foot pine tree. He would not come down and spent the next two weeks up there. We called and called for him, and the kids tried to climb up to get him, but the tree had sparse, weak limbs. We called the fire department. They laughed. Finally, we looked outside, and there was Blue on the ground. We still don’t know why he went up or how he got down. And I wrote a picture book about that experience. The name of that story is A Cat Named Blue.

Meet the Team

These are some of our animals. They are on my writing team so I thought you should meet them. 🙂 IMG_2578

Mr. Ed (He thinks he’s the boss)

He’s a palomino Appaloosa. IMG_0912

This is Saber the jumper.


He’s a dutch warmblood thoroughbred.


Cloud (Mr. Ed’s helper)

A Tennessee walker

We love the animals.

Thank you for stopping by

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